Minamata - Original Vintage Film Poster

Category Original Vintage Film Poster
Genre Documentary
Year 1971
Film Star Director: Noriaki Tsuchimoto, pollution, mercury poisoning
Size 20 x 30 inch
Condition A Grade (click for details)
Price £for information only
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Details This double-crown film poster documents the frightening effect in Minimata, Japan. This was the site in 1908 of a factory producing nitrogenous fertilisers becoming the industry leader by the mid 1950's. The production of wealth was found at this point to be causing neurological disease in the central nervous system of the population because of eating the fish from the sea in the bay where water poisoned with Mercury waste from the factory was dumped. The physical effects were to be so long lasting that they remain today. "A unique and deeply felt feature documentary on pollution."

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