The H Man - Original Vintage Film Poster

Category Original Vintage Film Poster
Genre Sci Fi
Year 1958
Film Star Director: Ishirô Honda Writers: Takeshi Kimura, Hideo Unagami (story) Stars: Yumi Shirakawa, Kenji Sahara and Akihiko Hirata, Police | Ship | Nightclub | Ghost Ship | Scientist
Size UK Quad 30 x 40 inch
Condition A Grade (click for details)
Price £1999
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Details This is an extremely rare British quad film poster for the 1954 Japanese film from famous Director Ishirô Honda. As well as directing "Godzilla" & "Rodan" Honda offers here arguably his greatest movie. A nuclear test zone turns the scientists into oozing green slime. Rain water washes the slime into the Tokyo sewers where it mutates and attacks the city dwellers. Flame throwers are employed to set the Tokyo sewage system alight in a spectacular climax full of hallucinogenic imagery. The full colour artwork on this rare old quad captures the scene brilliantly and needless to say this is the only one we have seen and indeed are ever likely to see. This quad is the forerunner of the teaser quad as extremely rarely for the time it features no star names or even the name of the famous director. We may assume that this was possibly due to lack of information from Japan at the time of design and a fear of incorrectly spelling the Japanese names - more likely it was deliberate as the film may have been less marketable should the audience be aware it was of Japanese origin. It was only subsequently that Honda was recognised as a great director.

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